Wind energy is perhaps the most viable and cheapest to implement of all the different green energy sources. But wind is not just feasible with extremely large towers and huge expensive generators, in the last couple of years several companies have begun manufacturing low cost residential wind generators with pretty impressive power output.  The red river valley has one of the highest average wind speeds on the face of the earth (clever flat ND jokes here) and so it makes it the perfect place for farmers and places where you can get a permit to put a small generator up.  Here is an image of a generator made COMPLETELY in the US by Missouri Wind and Solar.


Its capable of generating 1.6Kw (yes more than the average household) in pretty low wind conditions. IT IS ONLY $659. In order to connect this to your house/farm/business you also need a wind inverter which is a little bit more expensive than a solar inverter,  but not terrible.  This generator features a revolutionary blade design, one width and pitch to get it started, one width and pitch to keep it going once its up to speed, also 11-blade to catch as much wind as possible. 

If you are interested in a wind system give us a call and we'd be happy to discuss what type/size system would be best for your situation.